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David Rhoden: Illustration

My illustration work has two major styles. When I first started doing illustration work for clients, I worked in watercolor over pencil. I still love the way it looks, but I stopped doing it because you can't make any corrections at all. If the client wants a change, or if the illustrator wants a change, you have to start over. It's a deadline thing.

More recently, I've been working in a more digital style. I still like the way it looks, but it's a lot easier to change and improve things.

Rad BMXer in Seattle

Retirement incentives attract people to Louisiana

From Louisiana Life magazine. Retirement incentives are luring seniors to the state. I illustrated the same story a year before. This one was a lot better.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack

Some silly band...

WWF bio board

I made these "bio boards" for a client's conferences. The participants are marketing executives, and these illustrations help connect the executive with his or her industry.

Polaroid bio board

Another "bio board", for a Polaroid executive.

Harvard Business School bio board

Another "bio board."

Sustainable Landscapes + Culture poster

Collaboration with designer Kristin Rogers Brown.

Men's Health: Your Heart

From an article on men's health in Kingfish Magazine.

Best of New Orleans: St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square

From "Best and Worst of New Orleans", New Orleans Magazine. This is a best.

Worst of New Orleans: Baggy pants

Baggy pants. From "Best and Worst of New Orleans," New Orleans Magazine

A thirsty dog from France

I drew this to warm up during a life drawing class at SVA.

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