Monday, October 17, 2016

Inklings: trivia from the week ending Sunday October 15

Has it only been a week since I was in New Orleans? Let me tell you the funniest thing I saw on the way back.

I was between LaPlace and the New Orleans airport exit on those bridges, and there’s a truck trying to pass everybody in the right lane. I move over so he can pass me on the left; we’re all going the same speed. He passes me and gets right on the back end of the car that was in front of me. Pushy. An asshole. Now let me describe the vehicle.

It was a black Chevy S-10, but lowered to be close to the ground. Louisiana plates. And on the back of this cretin’s (“cretin”= frenchman for “retard”) window was the convincer: a decal, custom made I guess, that said:


with a star or a helmet or something.

I would argue Cowboys country ends at the Sabine River, or west of there, but whatever. This guy was a dick to everyone on the road and I assume he’s that way when the motor turns off too.


Other news? It’s allergy season in Central Texas. If you’ve lived through it you know; if you haven’t you won’t believe me. But it’s bad. Just a week of Zyrtec and booze and DVDs. Thanks to my inability to move or feel pleasure or anything, I watched and hated The Lobster. I watched and hated Snowpiercer previously; it was my benchmark for movies that create an imaginary conflict and leave you feeling sad because the movie’s characters couldn’t overcome it (or they could; I start to give up).  I thought Snowpiercer was unrealistic but emotionally interesting. The Lobster was just infuriating. I thought both movies were trying to go where Never Let You Go did, but that movie succeeded, despite its improbability,. At least it succeeded in interesting me.


The Saints won, prolonging my hope despite the defense’s failure to show up.


I put a Hillary sticker on my truck and it blew off at the car wash. So I put another one on. I can’t wait to get it off my truck. I am glad we still get to vote in our elections, but I’m baffled at how the Democrats nominated the only person who could have made it a close race with tantrum baby Trump. This stuff is not decided by the people.


image by David Rhoden

I don’t draw that much at work lately but here are a couple of lil’ guys. I’m looking for work, if you know of anything.


Mountain Shoutin’ is finally going to play out this month, at a house party. Stay tuned for details. My other band,  Speedcrawler, is rehearsing at least.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

thanks for the visit New Orleans

I hadn’t been back “home” to New Orleans in months. I came down this weekend, driving from Austin, since Trey was going to be there and Bailee from the Saturn Bar gave us a Saturday night for which we are mighty grateful. We had one rehearsal Friday night and then we played Saturday; I thought it was pretty great. The O-Pines were great too, but that’s no surprise.

What else did I do? Went to Markey’s a couple of times cause it’s easy. Sat in the grass at Markey Park and got a couple of fire ant bites but also drank bourbon and discussed things. Picked up the Fall “Slates” reissue at Domino Sound Record Shack. Had a hamburger at Kukhnya. Had a pizza and gin and tonics with Alec in Mid-City. Had bacon and eggs with Trey at Ariel’s. Saw friends I hadn’t seen in too long. Spent $800 getting new front brakes on my pickup (at Midas on Canal next to Betsy’s Pancake house, which was closed. They did a good job.). Fell asleep in front of a DVD. Dreamed I was approached by a sex-hungry leper. Substituted fries for meals more than once. Forgot to bathe.

I find it easier to have fun in New Orleans than anywhere. Honestly, this weekend, in fun units (suggestions for names of a fun-unit welcomed) was the equivalent of a year in Austin, for me. I wish I could afford to live there.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

inktober 161002 #inktober

image by David Rhoden

I should really start on these in the morning rather than at almost midnight.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Inktober 161001 #inktober

image by David Rhoden


I just wanted to make sure I got something up for this Inktober thing. I hope I can do better.

Posted by David Rhoden on 10/01 at 09:53 PM

I dunno

I Dunno by David Rhoden

It’s ink, but actually done in September so not qualified for #Inktober. Also, it’s not that great. Ink on real weird waxy paper.

Posted by David Rhoden on 10/01 at 01:11 PM
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