Wednesday, September 17, 2014

bike lane on Baronne

If they don’t put the bike lane on Baronne on the left, I hope they don’t do it at all. It’s completely bike-friendly as it is, but you need to be on the left because all the turns are left turns. I’d be just fine if they skipped it. I biked it every day and it’s great just like it is, really.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

additional thoughts on moving

I tried to do an errand between 5 and 6 p.m. that required me to go ten miles south on I-35. I should be able to leave at 5 and get there by 6, right? Ten miles?
Nope. I gave up after a few exits and it took me an hour to get home by surface roads.
This is the worst traffic I’ve ever seen. New Orleans is positively civilized by comparison.
I haven’t owned a car since I moved to New York after Katrina (2006) and I got rid of that one because it was just a pain to drive there.
(Oh wait, I had a Volvo in New Orleans this last time for two months; I sold that one too.)
The whole city is all about cars. I am not comfortable and I am not pleased.

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more thoughts on moving

My work asked for a voided check so I can be on direct deposit.
That’s great, I thought, but I can’t find my checkbook.
I don’t care about the direct deposit, but, you know, not having a checkbook handy is gonna make it real hard to rent an apartment.

For now, I can bike to work.
it’s a LOT hillier than I’m used to though. Mostly downhill on the way in, the trip home is tougher.
I need to get my cranks and chain replaced, they are slipping with every turn.
I rode around for a while in the lowest front gear because I got sick of listening to the chain slipping.
I found a nice bike shop. I also found an asshole bike shop. And I’ve only been here one day.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

made it to Austin

I made it to Austin. In the end I just threw all my clothes in a plastic bag and threw them in the truck. I have to go back to New Orleans soon, maybe even next week; I left too much stuff behind.

The trip was exhausting but not as bad as flying Delta. Shortly after I started a couple honked at me and pointed at the back of my truck. I pulled over and saw that my bike rack had slipped, so the wheel was riding maybe one inch above the road. One good bump and it would have wrecked my bike and probably pulled the window out of my truck cap. I got that fixed, then I ran over a tire in Houston, couldn’t avoid it, but it didn’t hurt anything. I got lost a couple of times, in Houston and in Austin. My cat was wonderful, just quiet and still, she still hasn’t peed but she did drink water and eat some treats.

The worst part of my trip: when I got here I hadn’t eaten all day, and there was an In N’ Out Burger near my hotel. I got in the drive thru, only to realize the person in front of me ordered at least ten bags of food. My cat was crying but we waited and waited. Then it took me forty minutes to get to my hotel; I could see it, I just couldn’t get to it.

The best part of my trip: some jerk in a car called an Echo was driving like a real ass, weaving in and out of heavy traffic, endangering everybody. I got to see him pulled over just a couple minutes after he passed me. He was getting a sobriety test that required him to pat his feet behind his back, like some kind of Alpine clog dancer. That was very satisfying.

image by David Rhoden

seen at a rest stop just over the Texas border

Posted by David Rhoden on 09/14 at 04:19 AM
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