Friday, February 12, 2016

colliding gravitational waves

The last couple of days have been kind of up and down.

I got a call from my dad in the middle of band practice. He never calls, so I took it. He sounded fine, but he was in the hospital, he said, for what the doctors called an urgently needed quadruple bypass. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get to it until after the weekend, but he has to stay in the hospital, I guess so if he jumps to the front of the line as you might put it, he’ll be right there and they can skip the emergency room paperwork. He’s in overall good health, this is not alarming, but it is something new that as his oldest son, I have not previously had to worry about.

After practice I walked around the back of the building to where my truck was parked. Parked on my right was a Honda Element, in which a couple were doing sexual intercourse. I load my cymbals in on the passenger side, so I had to do that thing where you open the door carefully so as not to bang the neighboring vehicle. The couple stopped. I said, “Just go ahead”, not looking; feeling lonesome and frustrated.

On a not unrelated subject now is as good a time as any to mention, dear reader, that I finally called it quits with the woman I counted on most reliably for spontaneous fun and companionship. I never expected the relationship to survive me moving to Texas at all; I moved in part to make it easier to endure the inevitable split-up. Weirdly, foolishly, we carried on for another year, but she found herself a new fella, which I had no doubt she would. I found out through facebook. Again, it was not unexpected, it kinda needed to happen (the last time I saw her or talked to her was New Year’s Eve, when she screamed at me about some kitchen task I was doing wrong and I packed my truck and drove back to Austin; I was in Houston when the fireworks went off). So we’ve been done for a month but it wasn’t real until it was on social media. Anyway, I’m free and single and ready to mingle, at least as soon as my allergies subside.

But in case you were thinking it’s all gloom and doom out here in the Hill Country, there are bright spots. I got new skinny tires on my bike and I get to work about two minutes faster. So this morning I stopped at the Crestview Minimax grocery to cash my TWO winning lottery tickets ($63 and $2). I walk in and there are three old guys standing around the Customer Service, doing nothing, and “Brick House” was playing on the loudspeaker. They were excited about seeing a winner so early in the day. I felt all right about myself.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

long meeting

image by David Rhoden

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

on toxic people

image by David Rhoden
image by David Rhoden
image by David Rhoden
image by David Rhoden

Drawn on Mardi Gras 2016. Austin, Texas.

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Everywhere else it’s just Tuesday.

image by David Rhoden

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

more about Maurice White/EWF

So, why do I even like Earth Wind and Fire?

I don’t know, they are the opposite of everything I think I like, and they still sound good to me.

They have about zero blues influence, the only rock in there is their hit cover of “Got To Get You Into My Life” and maybe “Boogie Wonderland”. (Hmmm. And maybe the wonderful “Evil”? No, that’s more of a visit to Ray Barretto’s neighborhood. But check it out. The kalimba is so up front in this mix, you can hear the incidental sounds the instrument makes..) I’m not sure what their subject matter is, it’s pretty vague (“That’s The Way Of The World”).

I really can’t categorize what I like about them. Maybe it’s just as simple as it’s fun when 7 to 9 guys get dressed up in capes and spacesuits and shit and all play the same song. You know, Maurice White was a sideman for years, with Ramsey Lewis and Chess Records, and it’s so fun to imagine him back there behind the drum kit thinking “You call this a show? Someday I’ll be the frontman, and I’ll show you what a show is.” Big forehead and all.

I like all their hits like “Fantasy”, “Reasons”, and “Let’s Groove” (it was a highlight of my wedding, long story though) but I do really like their early album, before they had any hits, I guess you’d say pre-spacesuit-pyramid-power EWF, “Open Our Eyes”, with its sleeve note “P.S. MAY GOD BLESS YOU”. I said there was no blues influence in their music but there’s a little church in this song:

(Oh yeah, Lenny Kravitz swiped “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” from “That’s The Way Of The World”, you could lay one on top of the other.)

Also, bonus videos after the jump.

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