Monday, November 23, 2015

not even trying

This is the sign for a sad sushi place called Banzai, on Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas. They just take the cake of not trying, though I guess with a Mattress Firm for visual competition, why exert yourself?

About a week after this the changed the sign from FISH SANDWICH (no price, but if you have to ask, you probably should keep on driving past the Banzai) to SUSHI AND GRILL (also no price).
I was thinking that counted as trying, then it occurred to me they might be playing off “Netflix and chill”, in which case it’s even more sad than FISH SANDWICH. Anyway. This place gives me a little shot of “why bother” on the way in to work every day.

image by David Rhoden

Posted by David Rhoden on 11/23 at 05:58 PM

Saturday, November 21, 2015

when sent a poem, with the email subject “a poem you might like?”

Sure, some.

My poetry aesthetic has long hardened. I mostly don’t like any poetry at all. The less it resembles successful prose the less time I am willing to lend it; the pleasure of reading it is just not there. It is sad, and too bad, that I feel this way. I used to spend more than a little time thinking about what makes a poem successful but I couldn’t figure it out and I think I came to the conclusion that no poems are successful, that they are all there to give literature majors something to talk about.

I want it to be otherwise. I wish I had time to spend on poems. I like talking about them, one on one, with someone whose opinion matters to me. But I can’t tell you why I like one over another in specifically poetic terms. I can just tell you if it’s interesting to me as writing.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

it’s hanging on the wall this morning…

...let’s hope it will still be hanging when I get home tonight.

It’s still for sale, if there’s anyone but who likes having enormous blobby non-specific organic-type forms hanging on the wall.

image by David Rhoden

Posted by David Rhoden on 11/19 at 11:41 AM

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

droppin’ some knowledge

I’m supposed to help somebody make a graphic that emphasizes the message “droppin’ knowledge”. I roughed this out on a whiteboard. I don’t think it’s what they wanted.

image by David Rhoden

Posted by David Rhoden on 11/18 at 08:05 PM

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I’m raising money dammit

image by David Rhoden

Go give money to these guys at, they are making themselves look hideous to increase your awareness that testicular cancer is highly treatable, if detected early.

Posted by David Rhoden on 11/17 at 08:13 PM
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