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What do the All-Night Movers sound like?

Just rock and roll, stripped down to the basics: a jungle beat with some horrible loud crud all over the top of it. Confused hopeless ramblings about attempted acts of love.
Dumb jokes you wouldn't have laughed at after the second grade. Pure majesty.

To be more empirical (MP3s):

NEW! (You Got My Mind Going In The) Wrong Direction (a Dave original, 2.5 MB, stereo)
NEW! Guess I'm Falling In Love (once a VU outtake, now an ANM outtake, 2.8 MB, stereo)
Stink Foot (original instrumental, 1.9 MB, stereo)

The Hunch (ruined cover of the Haze classic, 2.9 MB, stereo)
The Itch (warning, evil feedback on this, 1.6 Mb, stereo)

photo by jeff pounds


photo by jeff pounds


photo by jeff pounds

Site contents:

Matt Uhlman found a bunch of forgotten photos from two or three different All-Night Movers shows, going all the way back to the first one. There are too many to sort: they're here and here.
Photos by Trey Ledford from the Hi-Ho Lounge show with Dex Romweber Duo, August 30, 2003.
Where Y'At magazine interview with Dave about the All-Night Movers.
Random photos taken by Dave at the May 24 Detonations show, and just walking around beforehand.
Dixie Taverne photos by Trey Ledford.
Hangman games played on a very boring and somewhat intoxicated flight from New York. Rolling Stones, look out. WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT SITUATIONS.
Random photos taken by Dave at the May 24 Detonations show, and just walking around beforehand.
Photos from our trip to Houston and Austin with THE KA-NIVES!!! Live it up!!
Photos from our Xmas-time trip around the Southeast. Batteries died before Huntsville, sorry.
Great block printed flyer by Dan Haugh of GANx4 and godheadSilo.
Photos by Jeff Pounds from the post-Xmas show at Circle Bar. My strap fell off.
Photos by Jeff Pounds of "ELO" from the Masked Ball.
Photos by Jeff Pounds from the Carondelet Street "show."
Photos from El Matador by Dave.
Photos from the Mermaid Lounge by Michael Villaraza.
Photos by Jeff Pounds from the second show.
Photos by Jeff Pounds from the first show.
Read an interview with Dave.
Another interview with Dave, from Offbeat magazine.
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